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Timothy JohnPress

Timothy JohnPress

Timothy JohnPress is an executive coach who works with professionals committed to ascending from good to great in their career, business and life. He is the Principal of Ascendte Advisors, a coaching and consulting firm that specializes in creating sustainable growth strategies and solutions for leaders, teams, and their business. Tim’s 25 years of experience in working with individuals and businesses provides his clients with a unique perspective and approach that unleashes their potential to sustainably perform at new levels.

Tim’s lifelong passion for performance brings a masterful focus to his coaching and consulting work. He has studied with Master Teachers from several traditional yoga, martial art and meditation lineages for over 25 years and is a Martial Arts Master himself holding black belts in multiple disciplines.

Tim has led and managed a variety of teams and projects in the areas of integral leadership, strategic analysis, planning and execution, cultural planning, executive team alignment, organizational change. He has worked with individuals and teams from enterprise companies such as Dell Computers, National Instruments, and Motorola in addition to a number of mid-market organizations such as Terremark, SMC and History Maker Homes. He has also worked with the Red McCombs Business School at the University of Texas, the State of Texas and was a featured leadership and coaching columnist for the Austin Business Journal for over five years.

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Brad Freels

Brad FreelsBrad Freels is a Senior Technology Specialist with Microsoft working for the last eight years in Austin primarily with large enterprise customers. A graduate of the University of Texas at Austin, Brad helps companies create collaboration, content management and business intelligence solutions enabling companies to work more efficiently and effectively. Brad frequently presents and facilitates discussions within all levels of an organization to help solve critical business problems.

Prior to Microsoft, Brad spent many years as a computer programmer for several local Austin companies in industries ranging from government to insurance to semi-conductor. Born in Austin, Brad also spent time as a DJ in the local dance clubs back in the 1990s so if you danced on 6th St during the 1990s, chances are Brad helped you feel the groove.

Always an entrepreneur, Brad has also owned and operated several businesses starting in high school where he ran his own lawn mowing business for many years. In addition to real estate investing, Brad most recently purchased a martial arts school and operated it for two and half years growing the student base from 30 students to well over 100.

To contact Brad, please email


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